I'm Kyle Tress, an Olympic athlete in the sport of skeleton. When I'm not racing headfirst down a mountain of ice at 90 miles per hour, I'm a Ruby on Rails developer at InstaViser and (occasional) skeleton coach.

What hardware are you using?

The iPad Pro 10.5" is my primary device, but I occasionally use a 12" MacBook for Xcode and other development tasks. I generally prefer iOS to macOS.

I rarely leave home without my iPhone, but I'm trying to change that relationship. I'm protective of my attention, so I disabled voicemail, turned off notifications, and permanently enabled Do Not Disturb. I mostly use it to listen to Audible and shoot 1 second videos. It's also my primary camera.

I love my Apple Watch. I delegate critical notifications to it, and I use it as a sleep tracker and silent alarm. It's a great training and travel partner. Using Apple Pay is frictionless and I'm excited for the day when it can replace my wallet.

I love to read. I have a Kindle Voyage, but I prefer physical books so it doesn't get much use unless I'm traveling. I'm on the road 6 months per year, and I'm obsessive about packing. At the moment, my go-to setup is a Bluffworks blazer, a Tom Bihn Pilot, and the Away Luggage carry-on.

And what software?

I write long form content in Scrivener and everything else in Ulysses. Vim is my favorite editor, but I use Atom when I'm stumped.

I prefer Safari for daily browsing. I couldn't imagine life without 1password, and integration with iOS extensions has made it much more convenient.

I use too many iOS apps to mention, but a few favorites are Netflix, NYTimes, Reddit, NFL GamePass, Blink, Transmit, and 1 Second Everyday.

What would be your dream setup?

An Eames lounge in a big home library.